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Изобретение относится к устройству упаковки для барьерных противозачаточных средств, в том числе презервативов. Упаковка для презерватива содержит оболочку, внутри которой на расположенных по ее углам четырех крючкообразных держателях расположен в фиксированном положении презерватив, и боковые захваты, соединенные с держателями, при этом на оболочке выполнена линия вскрытия, которая обхватывает ее по центру презерватива и расположена параллельно боковым захватам, выполненным с возможностью разделения оболочки на две части при вскрытии оболочки через эту линию, при этом боковые захваты полностью помещены в оболочку, а ее края герметично соединены друг с другом по всему периметру оболочки, очерчивая ее внешний контур в плоскости расположения боковых захватов с держателями, при этом оболочка выполнена из материала, пропускающего тактильное воздействие пальцев рук на контуры свободных от держателей концов боковых захватов и/или часть соединенных краев оболочки над боковыми захватами повторяет узор, предварительно нанесенного узора на поверхность свободных концов боковых захватов. Техническим результатом является повышение герметичности упаковки при одновременном упрощении технологии ее изготовления.
The invention relates to a device for packaging for barrier contraceptives, including condoms. The condom package contains a sheath inside which, at the four hook-shaped holders located at its corners, a condom is located in a fixed position and side grips connected to the holders, with an opening line in the center along the center, with the possibility of dividing the shell into two parts. In this case, the side grips are completely placed in the shell, and its edges are hermetically connected to each other along the entire perimeter of the shell, the shell being made of a material allowing tactile action of the fingers. The technical result is to increase the tightness of the package while simplifying the technology of its manufacture.
The present invention relates to a device of packing for barrier contraceptives, including condoms.
Traditional packing for a condom represents a reliable covering made of flexible sheet material designed for airtight condom storage. Besides, it prevents early leakage oil lubricant from the condom covering. For convenient usage such packings are provided with means to open the covering, for example a groove, a site with lower reliability on the edge of the packing, or an opening tape with one end left out to break the covering.
A deficiency of the traditional packing for a condom is a long and inconvenient packing opening process. This is due to the fact that before using the condom one has to waste time looking for a covering opening tool provided with the packing, for example, the groove, and next, having taken the packing edges on both sides with both hands, pulling it apart to make a tear. Under the circumstances when a condom is about to be used, extra seconds spent on the movements described, may be critical for a person. Herein, there is a chance to damage a condom in case of careless and hasty opening of the packing, because a person in tense emotional state may apply unnecessary extra force to tear the covering. Besides, when using a condom as designed, the contact between fingers and the condom itself is inevitable, thus compromising the hygiene required. Furthermore, the production process of such packing is rather time- consuming and complicated, as it is not only complicated to arrange the means of packing opening accurately, in the required place, but to provide airtightness of such packing Is complicated either.
A packing for a condom is known (Patent Application W09846495, published on October 221998) that comprises a covering wherein a condom is placed, the covering with an opening line at the center, throughout the entire surface, and flat grippers attached to the covering edges designed to rest the fingers when opening the covering. When using the packing known the flat grippers are to be pulled apart in a single plane. Herein, the covering is torn apart by the opening line to be split into two parts with a condom remaining in one part of the packing.
A deficiency of the known packing for a condom is the inevitable contact between hand fingers and the condom during its usage, because after opening the packing the condom must be extracted by hands. This compromises the hygiene required. Besides, in such packing it is complicated to provide airtightness between the covering and side grippers, particularly to prevent early leakage of hygienic lubricant, the condom is provided with in such a small amount, mat the tiniest leakage thereof through the covering connection, in particular with flat gripper material results in malfunctioning thereof. This results from the feet, that parts of covering are connected to each other via foreign body. Furthermore, this makes the production process of such packing more complicated.
Packing for a condom is known (Patent EP1377242B1, published on May 24* 2006). This packing consists of a covering. A condom is located inside on four holders disposed at the corners of the covering, end fixing the condom therein. The holders are connected to two side grippers, placed outside the covering. The covering comprises an opening line, located by its central crosswise perimeter, parallel to side grippers. As the result, when opening via this line, the covering divides into two equal parts. The upper surface of each side gripper is ridged. The ridging of side grippers is left outside the covering and tight connection of the covering is placed on the surface of the grippers in front of the ridging described.
The known packing is opened via pressing on the side grippers with fingers resulting in tearing the packing apart through the opening line. Then the side grippers are stretched in different directions, and the packing is separated into two equal parts, containing a condom. Next, via catching the side grippers with fingers, the condom is put on the erect penis and removed from the packing by disengaging it from the hook-shaped holders with corresponding parts of the covering.
A deficiency of this packing for a condom is its technological complicacy resulting from airtightness issues in points where flat grippers protrude from the covering. This is due to the fact that in those points where grippers protrude from the covering, there are junction points, i.e. via sealing the covering onto the surface of the side grippers. It is thus complicated to achieve reliable sealing of the covering resulting in overall deterioration of the condom application process as the packing hygiene may have been tampered.
The object of the invention is creation of new packing for condoms to simplify production technology and improve airtightness via preventing occasional lubricant leakage therefrom, thus maintaining hygiene when using the condom. The object formulated gets solved due to the fact that the packing for a condom that contains covering, with four hook-shaped holders placed within by corners, a condom is located in a fixed position, the side grippers are connected with the holders, the covering has a opening line at the center of the condom and located parallel to the side grippers capable to divide the covering into two parts when opening the covering via this line. ACCORDING TO THE PRESENT INVENTION, tie side grippers are fully placed into the covering with its edges sealed to each other by the entire perimeter of the covering, with outlining its external contour within the plane where the side grippers with holders are placed, herein the covering is made of materials allowing tactile action by hand fingers onto the contours of free side grippers ends and/or the part of the covering edges over side grippers repeats the pattern, the pattern that was preliminarily put onto the surface of free ends of the side grippers. In an embodiment, the opening line is made straight or zigzagged via perforating its contour or processing it with a laser beam.
Such new technical solution, with all essential features thereof, allows achieving the following technical result, namely: the airtightness of packing is improved with its production technology simplified. The result is achieved due to the fact that the packing airtight encloses holders with the condom located thereon, with other ends of side grippers that are opposite to the ends connected to the holders, to firmly fix its position set on holders. It allows the claimed packing production technology to be substantially simplified. Herein, as the covering edges are sealed airtight to each other throughout the entire perimeter of the covering, with jits external contour outlined within the plane where the side grippers with holders are located to exclude the connection of the covering edges by a third body, which is often a foreign body, especially the free ends of the flat grippers, that in the prototype passed out from beneath the covering, thus guiding thej connection of corresponding covering edges, so the airtightness of the packing is now improved. Besides, it is the technical solution claimed, that provides uniform tension of the covering throughout the entire surface of holders with the condom and grippers and that is achieved due to the feet that throughout the entire perimeter of the covering, with its external contour outlined, within the plane where grippers with holders are located, the covering edges are connected to each other, for example, by sealing.
The packing fof a condom may be of various geometric shape, such as oval or rhombic, or any other shape convenient to be used with both hands.
Thus, a device of packing for a condom claimed allows keeping familiar visual perception of packing and the way of using it. Furthermore, it allows automating the process of the packing production, since traditional shape may be used. The covering itself may be made of two parts by covering one part with another part with a condom onto holders with grippers placed within.
Examples of particular embodiments of the subject matter as well as the practical applicability thereof are disclosed herein with reference to the following description and the drawings.
Fig.l shows lateral view of the packing for a condom, where:
1 represents the covering;
2 represents a hook-shaped holder,
3 represents the condom;
4 represents a side gripper;
5 represents covering edges;
6 represents an opening line; 7 represent a finger rest;
8 represents ridging.
Fig.2 shows the upper view of the opened packing for a condom (zigzagged opening line).
The packing for a condom claimed contains the covering 1 (Fig.1, 2). Located inside it, in its four corners, on four hook-shaped holders 2, is a condom 3 in a fixed position. Ifhe covering 1 envelops side grippers 4. Those are connected to the sides of hdok-shaped holders 2. Herein, the side grippers 4 are entirely placed into the covering 1. The edges 5 of the covering 1 are airtight connected to each other throughout the entire perimeter of the covering 1>with its external contour outlined within the plane where side grippers 4 with holders 2 are located. Herein, the covering 1 has opening line 6 that embraces it by the center of the condom 3 to be placed parallel to side grippers 4 capable, when opening the covering 1 by this line, to divide the covering 1 into two parts (Fig.2). Herein, the covering is made of materials allowing tactile action by hand fingers (not shown by the drawing) onto the contours of free side grippers 4 ends and/or the part of the covering edges 5 of the covering 1 over side grippers 4 repeats the pattern, the pattern that was preliminarily put onto the surface of free of holders 2 ends of the side grippers 4. Herein, the material of the covering may be medical foil or corresponding polymer material.
Those skilled in the art would appreciate the opening line 6 may be made either straight or zigzagging via perforating its contour or laser treatment. Side grippers may be provided with finger rests 7 to prevent hand fingers slipping when using the packing. Besides, the covering 1 with side grippers 4 may in cross section have a shape of an oval (not shown on the drawing), in longitudinal section it may have convex-concave profile (not shown on the drawing) that gradually narrows towards side grippers 4 ends. Implementing the packing shape in such a way facilitates faster opening of the covering 1, via reducing the efforts to be applied while breaking by the opening line 6.
The surface of each side gripper 4, throughout its portion that is free of holder 2, may have ridging 8, due to grooves (shown conventionally on the drawing) to improve adhesion and reduce the chance for finger slipping, when opening the packing, the grooves that an individual may feel with fingers through the covering 1 , the feature that may be essential, tor partially sighted.
The covering 1 may be made, for example, of two layers (the upper and the lower) of a polymer material, or hygienic foil, and comprise additional lubricant (not shown on the drawing) to preserve intactness and marketable appearance of the condom 3. Herein, the covering 1 is made via airtight gluing or sealing the edges of the two layers of the polymer material (shown conventionally on the drawing) throughout the entire contour within the location plane that is shared by grippers 4 with holders 2 and the condom thereon.
The invention claimed is to be used as follows.
To use the condom 3 as designed, the condom packing needs to be opened. To do so, one has to take, with both hands, the side grippers 4 and pull then up or down (in vertical plane), resulting in breaking the covering I by its opening line 6. Next, to fully divide the covering I into two parts, one has to pull side grippers 4 aside (in horizontal plane). Herein, due to the fixation of the condom 3 with book-shaped holders 2, that the side grippers 4 are equipped with, the condom 3 is extended to increase the diameter of the condom 3 ring. It allows, without touching the condom 3 with fingers, putting it onto the erect penis (not shown on the drawing) fast and convenient, without touching the condom 3 with fingers. Upon the complete unwinding of the condom 3 ring, the hook- shaped holders 2 can be easily detached from the condom 3.
The opened condom packing is to be disposed of
Thus, the present invention provides for the following technical results: production technology is simplified, as the covering now airtight envelops the holder with the condom thereon, with side grippers; packing usability is improved, as it makes possible to properly orientate the item when used in practice with no need for visual control thus providing quick and convenient extraction of a condom still preserving its hygiene.
Technical details


1 / быстро, чтобы надеть презерватив в течение 3 секунд

2 / гигиенично: Нет контакта рук с латексом , а не применяя презерватив

3 / ЛЕГКО Для того, чтобы надеть презерватив в темноте УНИКАЛЬНОСТИ

  • Чтобы использовать быстродействующий применение презерватива один просто должен разорвать пакет пополам и применять презерватив. Благодаря запатентованной пластмассового аппликатора, который находится внутри куртки из фольги и перфорации, которая наносится на пленку с лазером, пакет легко сломать пополам. Используя держатели позволяют легко применять презерватив на половых органах под любым углом, даже если руки потребителя являются жирные (например, после того, как с использованием массажного крема или геля).
  • Эта технология может быть легко использована в темноте. С помощью рифленой поверхности по бокам, потребитель всегда может определить правильную сторону применения презерватива без проблем.
  • Благодаря технологии, рука контакта с латексом исключается. Потребитель не имеет контакта с рукой латекса при использовании презерватива тем самым защищая себя и партнера от возможных инфекций.
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Производство и продажа новых презервативов во всем мире

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Мировой рынок презервативов: 5 400 000 000 $

Отсутствие прямой конкуренции на рынке дает возможность получить 3 основные моменты использования презервативов.

Таким образом, эта революционная технология может играть ведущую роль на мировом рынке презервативов. Принимая во внимание ноу-хау, эта технология обеспечит значительно более низкий вход в сеть (список), а в некоторых случаях расположение полностью свободной торговли.

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30% мужчин страдают от эректильной сокращения, когда она занимает много времени, чтобы применять презерватив.

50% передающихся половым путем заболеваний возникнуть при ручной контакт с латексом.

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